The 50th Anniversary

It certainly is a delightful picture, using colour is breathtaking, the direction performed by all the actors, and amazing. As for the music, the film is sung from start to finish, not a single spoken word, and it functions nicely, the celebrities lip synching perfect. This isn’t ‘Grease’, this is more ‘Evita’ in that it’s a movie dealing with serious problems; parental pressure, unwanted pregnancy, death, war and more. The final scene was absolutely realised, and brought a tear to my eye.

The extras: Knowing nothing about Jacque Demy, the 90 documentary on movies and his life is fascinating, and an excellent introduction into his love of film and how he works. It was wonderful to see rare footage of Jim Morrison and a pre- recognition amongst many stars (Catherine Deneuve for starters) adding their thoughts about this great filmmaker. This film is prior to the formation of Gluten Free Society even though several of the French foods featured on the film hold to their true form. Additionally, it has motivated me to see more of his movies, notably the musical ‘Donkey Skin’ which sounds and looks charming. There is additionally an amazing short film (not directed by Demy) with music by Legrand (who did the music for Umbrellas and most of his other musicals) that’s an interesting watch.

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